All the smarts your beehive really needs! helps beekeepers overcome the traditional challenges of beekeeping. Our smart monitoring system for beehives measures collected amount of honey, bees' health through sound, local humidity and temperature. Our data analytics, alarms you on time if something is happening with your bees (i.e. swarming). Our cloud analytics grows smarter over time, helping beekeepers and bees in more and more ways.

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In order to help you grow your beekeeping business, we suggest the following services:
BeeAndMe measuring station is a 'babymonitor' for bees and it will watch for your bees conditions
Web application
Monitor your bees via the web and mobile application tailormade for beekeepers
Data mining
Find about health of your bees. System could tell beekeeper if something wrong is going to happen in beehive

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Some of the beehives in our portfolio are made public, for scientific, collaborative or informational purposes

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